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Glovac CleanSpot
The intelligent glove concept for your cleaning cart. Use fewer gloves for the benefit of the environment. Protect your hands against serious skin damage, and reduce the glove budget.



KABI Catalog 2021-2022 is now in stock. 160 pages with lots of news. E.g. new hose reels for oil or grease. The hose reels are also included in a number of complete sets incl. pump, nozzle and accessories. Order a copy of the catalog together with your next order for KABI.
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KABI Pressure sprayers for various liquids

KABI have produced a completely new series of pressure sprayers, at a sharp price, which can be used with most liquids. The bottle has an integrated dosage scale embossed into the bottle. This scale also has special markings for mixing 2%, 5% and 10% mixtures. The sprayer is equipped with an adjustable nozzle and pressure relief valve.

KABI Tryksprayers rød-blå-grøn




Used for spraying aggressive liquids, except products con­tain­ing alcohol and acetone. Particularly suitable for oil and acid based liquids.
Liquid pH value: 4-9
(the pH value is indicative).
Working pressure: 3 bar.
Gaskets: FPM (Viton).

Used for spraying water-based non-aggressive liquids. Parti­cu­larly suitable for plant pro­tec­tion products such as her­bicides, fungicides and insec­ti­cides, liquid fertilizers, etc. Liquid pH value: 4-9
(the pH value is indicative). Gaskets: NBR.

Used for spraying alkaline agents. Particularly suitable
for professional cleaning and disinfection. Equipped with adjustable nozzle and pressure release valve.
Liquid pH value: 7-14
(the pH value is indicative).
Gaskets: EPDM.

pH skala til tryksprayers


GloVac - the intelligent glove system

With the unique glove system from GloVac, you can "park" your gloves whenever you want and reuse them again and again for up to a week. The system reduces the risk of employees getting eczema and allergies, because they avoid contact with the outside of the glove. The GloVac system is healthy for the environment because the consumption of gloves decreases considerably. Last but not least, it will benefit your business finances.

The GloVac glove system can be used in many different industries. Watch the video below.


KABI Hose Reels for Oil
and Air Operated Oil Systems

KABI has a wide range of air operated oil systems incl. hose reels. Open or closed hose reels with 10 or 15 meter (only as open hose reel) hose length.

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Hose Reels for Oil and Air Operated Oil Systems


KABI Hose Reels for Grease
and Air Operated Lubricators

KABI's air operated lubricators incl. hose reels for grease. We have open hose reels with 10 or 15 meter hose length and various accessories.

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Hose Reels for Grease and Air Operated Lubricators
KABI hand pump


KABI hand pump

This pump fits perfectly on 60 ltr. cans,
200 ltr. drums and 1000 ltr. IBC pallet tanks.
3 supplied adapters ensure connection to
the containers. Art.# 40174A.

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KABI Foam gun KA9000


KABI Foam gun



KABI Multi Pump 40170


KABI Electric Multi Pump

for many liquids



KABI Grill Star BM12086501


Birchmeier Grill Star 0.5

suitable for contact with food